NEW Precor Equipment 

Since January 2019, the Fitness Factory has installed 34 brand new pieces of Precor strength equipment. These machines utilize new technology that focuses on converging and diverging movements to exhaustively target each muscle group. We are really excited to share these improvements with our members! Here are a few popular additions:

Lower Body: Squat rack with platform, Booty Builder glute/ham machine, hack squat, pin-loaded leg press, angled plate-loaded leg press, smith machine, leg extension(2), seated leg curl, lying leg curl, abductor/adductor, seated calf extension, seated calf raise, standing calf extension, and hamstring extension.

Upper Body: Incline bench, decline bench, flat bench(2), bi-lateral plate-loaded chest press, pin-loaded chest press, free-weight flat bench (3), assisted dip/pull-up, pec fly/rear deltoid, seated row, diverging low-row, T-bar row, converging lat pull-down, back extension, pull-up bar, FTS Glide cable tower (2), endurance rowers (2), Jacob's ladder, and more. 

Arms: Bicep curl, preacher curl, tricep extension, seated tricep press, converging shoulder press, lateral raise, free-weight shoulder bench, shoulder endurance rope, straight bars, easy bars, close grip bar, forearm curl, FTS Glide cable tower (2), and more. 

Core: Abdominal extension, decline sit-up bench, leg raise tower, oblique extension, ab-roller, resistance bands, medicine balls, yoga balls, jump-rope, heavy-bag, and much more. 

Don't forget to check out our new fleet of brand new Precor Cardio equipment that includes the p80 interactive console featuring live tv, internet access, and personalized workouts!

NEW Precor Cardio

Recently the Fitness Factory installed a new fleet of state-of-art Precor cardio equipment that includes the p80 interactive consoles on each machine. These consoles allow you to watch TV, surf the internet, save your workouts, monitor your progress, and much more! These machines include: treadmills (8), standard elliptical (2), Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical (2), recumbent bike (2), stationary bikes (2), endurance rowers (2) , step mill, and more!

General Facility

Aside from the strides we've made to our cardio and strength training equipment, the Fitness Factory is equipped with a tanning bed, sauna, locker rooms, showers, group fitness, fitness on demand, a full free weight section, and much more. Come see for yourself!

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